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SAGE is an original character which I’ve created using various 3D softwares. I wanted to express my alter ego through Sage’s avatar, with her own storyline using alternative scenarios and my fantasies which can be freely lived in the Metaverse. As an example one of my fantasies was to be a burlesque dancer which can’t be manifested in real life due to physical and musical abilities, however through Sage I can realize this fantasy, creating her own show, animating dance moves and sculpting my ideal sets from the comfort of my home.

SAGE is a young girl in her early twenties that lives in the MetaEarth. She loves the thrill of life, driving at high speed through the rocky roads in her pink BMW. Exploring and finding out who she is as an individual, what her values are and how she can be useful in the process of building the Metaverse.

As Web3 is still a work in process and it can go in so many different directions, I believe that digital artists can mold new ways we interact, create art and grow as a community. We are currently at a doorstep into the unknown and unexplored platforms of Web3, and we’re just seeing the glimpse of it through NFTs and cryptocurrency. In 2021 there was a big shift into NFTs and a huge interest in digital art that we have never witnessed before. Myself as an artist I want to participate in being at the frontline of a new digital revolution.