About Me

I am Sveety K, a digital artist whose creative journey revolves around an unwavering passion for futurism. Within my artistic practice, I delve into the profound themes of female sensuality and vibrant color, constructing virtual worlds that cater to the female gaze. Leveraging cutting-edge 3D tools, photography and embracing the embodiment of Metahumans, I embark on an extraordinary exploration of my own identity, continuously pushing the boundaries of imagination within the expansive and dynamic realms of the Metaverse.

With profound admiration for the power of AI, I perceive it as an essential cornerstone of my artistic endeavors. The seamless fusion of human creativity and artificial intelligence propels me into uncharted territories within the ever-evolving landscape of Web3. As I traverse this unexplored realm, I effortlessly blur the lines between reality and the virtual domain, transcending conventional artistic boundaries.

D&AD x New Blood: The Portfolio - Winner
Adidas x Guap: Originals Creator Network - Class of 2023