I'm making my own Multiverse using Metahumans as tools to dive deep into what my life could be like if I chose a different career, gender and even sexuality. Metahumans afford us the opportunity to live vicariously in virtual worlds. The possibilities are limitless. It allows us to explore our fantasies in unimaginable ways. We are at the dawn of a new age - the cusp of something revolutionary. 

I use around five different softwares to get the results that I’m happy with, starting with a template character from Daz Studio, molding and changing the face until I get it perfect, moving it on to C4D and Unreal Engine for animation sequences. The tools that can be used by 3D artists are expanding everyday. I hope in the future more people will be able to play with these softwares and create their own worlds with greater ease. A new layer of reality, where you’re not constrained by the physical, financial and personal limitations.