For over 5 months, adidas London and GUAP have collaborated to create a creative development program called ‘The Originals Creator Network’, which set out to support 20 emerging creatives through bi-weekly workshops, access to exclusive events, and work on a final project.

I have been honored to be selected as one of the creators for this program. For my project, I've decided to develop a video game titled 'Where Did the Wild Bees Go?'.

The game revolves around living in a magical garden filled with bees and a grand beehive. However, the tranquility of this haven is threatened by the looming presence of the gritty city, where nefarious individuals promote pesticides that harm my beloved bees. Thus, players must navigate between two contrasting environments: the serene beauty of the pink bee garden and the harsh reality of the urban landscape. A bridge symbolically connects these two worlds, highlighting the stark dichotomy between them.