Game Development ‘Night Elves’ 

As a passionate game developer, I embarked on a journey to bring to life a game that combined the elements of fantasy and dark fairy tales inspired by Warcraft’s Night Elves race. Using Unreal Engine 5, I started by meticulously blocking out the game's environments, envisioning a world where elves and humans clash for control of the mountains. I shaped the pathways, towering cliffs, and hidden caves with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each area reflected the magical atmosphere of the game.

To create a visually striking world, I invested considerable effort into crafting assets and landscapes. The game boasted enchanting forests with twisted trees and glowing flora, ominous mountain peaks veiled in fog, and ancient ruins draped in mystery. The interplay of light and shadow lent an eerie yet captivating atmosphere to the landscapes, inviting players to explore the depths of this dark fairy tale realm.

Available for download on both 
Windows and Mac platforms. Click on the highlighted text to download.